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The medal runs into the village, the honor shines on my heart

by:Noble Awards     2021-03-28
Running is the easiest sport, but it's hard to stick to it. Although it is difficult to persevere, more and more people fall in love with this sport, from the sixtieth year to the cardamom age. It is not just health that attracts them, but also medals that represent honor. Today we ushered in a protagonist, he comes from a village in Dongguan, the world's manufacturing factory. This village is already in the leading position in the country. Village runs are held in the whole village every year. Community leaders lead the villagers to strengthen their bodies and respond to the call to build the physical fitness of the whole people. Not only that, in order to make the activity more interesting, the community cadres also created exquisite finish medals for the villagers individually to enhance the participation of the whole people. The whole medal frame is electroplated nickel color, and the inner circumference is all made of baking varnish. Pointing out the theme and location of the event, the character 'Run' designed a running figure to make the text look more vivid and vivid. The background colors are red, yellow, blue, green, and purple, representing that running makes life more colorful. A small medal, this ancient cultural and historical village flows, and what remains unchanged is the passionate vitality of the villagers!
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