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The production process of medal metal badges manufacturer

by:Noble Awards     2020-11-18
Metal badge manufacturers for every medal to attentively to manufacture, carved from the heart. MEDALS effect directly affect the quality of the sales, so metal MEDALS is the key. How is the metal MEDALS molding? Below we together and see it. How is the metal MEDALS molding? Widely used in metal MEDALS mechanical molding process, it has close relationship with material characteristics, high melting point metal MEDALS usually use stainless steel metal, casting molding is difficult, and metal MEDALS with stainless steel metal hardness is low, have certain plastic processing performance and adopt suitable machining parameters and processing equipment, can obtain high quality metal MEDALS. The following is a metal MEDALS molding process: using the lathe the stainless steel metal material directly processed into MEDALS, most common in the ring ring and bracelet MEDALS, holds great proportion. Is the use of lathe turning of stainless steel ring ring and qin alloy ring ring. Because stainless steel and qin alloy material characteristic, the turning have certain difficulties, need according to the properties of the material, select and formulate corresponding processing parameters, to guarantee the machining precision and surface quality of the MEDALS. Stainless steel machining difficulties have friends, don't know how to do? Now we will stainless steel machining under the analysis of the causes of difficulty, hope I can help to everyone: 1. Low thermal conductivity, heat cutting not spreads in time. Heat from cutting tools can amount to 20%, the tool cutting edge are prone to overheating, loss of cutting ability. 2. Chip adhesion is strong, easy to produce the knife. Stainless steel has high adhesion, turning 'binding' on the cutting tool materials, produce 'knife tumor'. 3. Chip is not easy to break. In the process of metal machining, plastic material, Ductile materials) The formation process of chip extrusion, slip, cracked and cut from four stages. 4. Work hardening tendency is strong, make the cutting tool is easy to wear. The processing tendency of stainless steel is stronger, work hardening layer's hardness is higher, and has certain work hardening depth, increase the processing difficulty and tool wear. Metal MEDALS should not only emphasize quality, now people pay more attention to the connotation of the medal, and the meaning of this. Medal is a special product, its senior special significance. So MEDALS make meaning must be positive, can inspire people struggling. The medal is a reward for successful people, a kind of motivation. According to the different shapes can be divided into: medal, medal, plate. Common medal material: aluminum, iron, zinc alloy, copper, gold, silver and other material, also useful stone, wood, resin, organic, and even some also. A typical such as: Beijing 08 Olympic medal. According to different craft materials can be divided into: bronze, aluminum plate printing CARDS, stainless steel, titanium gold, sand gold, heap gold, gold plated, automobile paint CARDS, plate printing. According to different purposes awards can be divided into: advanced individual MEDALS, advanced collective MEDALS, authorization, MEDALS, MEDALS, member medal. Shenzhen crossbow, arts and crafts co. , LTD. , established in 2007 located in kengzi town, shenzhen city, guangdong province. The company production technical force is abundant, fine craftsmanship, high quality wumart metal badge manufacturers. Complete production equipment, the main production equipment are Germany imported fully automatic injection molding machine, advanced electroplating equipment and stamping bed, zinc casting machine, hydraulic press, the computer card machine, laser laser machine, and other fine matching. With a computer design, molding, stamping, casting, fabrication, injection molding, paint, enamel, plastic, spot welding, polishing, oxidation, transparent color of swimming, electroplating and other technical equipment one-stop production lines. Product information: name tags, badges, cosmetic mirror, working number, cosmetic mirror, badges, commemorative COINS, key chain, bookmarks, MEDALS, golf fork, mobile phone hang act the role ofing, cufflinks, tie clips, ashtrays, bottle opener, cap clip, trophies, gold silver commemorative badges, jewelry, hangs the decoration, and other hardware accessories. Companies adhering to the 'customer first, forge ahead' business philosophy, adhere to the 'customer first' the principle provides the high quality service for the general customers. Warmly welcome new and old customers to visit the visit. Hotline: 0755 84533381
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