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The service life of acrylic products and its influence factors

by:Noble Awards     2020-06-30
How long is the service life of acrylic products? What the factors affecting the service life of acrylic products? Everybody when buying acrylic products, in addition to care about price, quality, the service life of the acrylic products is still a concern, said the service life of acrylic products, from materials, environment, use three aspects. 1, production materials: material is good or bad will also affect the service life of the acrylic products, acrylic have domestic and imported and domestic acrylic processing of acrylic products, use 2 ~ 3 years will be yellow, deformation; And imported acrylic as long as the proper maintenance can be used for 10 years. 2, environmental factors: acrylic products to use the environment also has certain requirements, when the temperature reached 96 ℃ acrylic will produce thermal deformation, the temperature is lower than 9. 2 ℃ easy embrittlement, and also exacerbate the use fixed number of year to reduce, so the acrylic products should not be placed in the harsh environment. 3, way of use: improper use will shorten seriously, for example: if the acrylic display rack above place more than the weight of the product, acrylic display will be broken or damaged caused by over-stretched. If you want to prolong the service life of acrylic products, that we need to clean and tidy, regular maintenance and to maintain the quality of the product and service life, or even if it is a good product with but a few months. If you still want to know more information acrylic products can also click on the website on the right side directly contact our customer service oh.
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