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The significance of custom MEDALS contain, you know?

by:Noble Awards     2020-11-25
With the rising of social living standards, more and more people are involved in more games, to pursue a higher breakthrough. The winner in the game, not only need a record of their own, also need a belong to his own honor, and ACTS as a metal MEDALS is honor symbol of the competition. Each game will have a special metal MEDALS, every medal represents the spirit of the game. In the process of custom MEDALS, a lot of customers always don't understand the true inner meaning of MEDALS, always rough think, MEDALS, so the name is award to a magical signs, it's not a big deal, just a formality. Actually otherwise, custom MEDALS must conform to the specification of prizes. Including the purpose of the MEDALS, prizes, select material, specifications, color, text line card, etc. Now that want to send a medal, units or individuals to get a medal is a kind of honor, get your reward. So, when ordering MEDALS must follow these rules: 1, to determine the award winning object is a personal, unit, the collective or other institutions, etc. Such as & other; Advanced collective, party organizations at the grass-roots level, elected to individual, annual outstanding employees, outstanding party members, union activists, excellent league member, production model, and advanced pacesetter, youth civilization & throughout; And so on, because different will directly affect the medal of the objects of winning a lot of link: such as hang put the position, size, and the form, the total medal awarded to individuals is not too large, it has no place to put problems should be taken into account. 2, custom MEDALS is aimed at the annual year-end worker or unit collective incentive mechanism, or routine; To product quality and brand marketing, or to give your company the surface with gold, see the somebody else stores have MEDALS we also should have; In order to really recognize subordinate units or individuals, or in order to secure the heart, and so on. 3, determine the MEDALS custom specifications in medal custom specifications size, many customers are often asked to manufacturer MEDALS of the specifications of the commonly used size and standard size, in fact, we often say commonly used or according to your design with practical case succinctly summarized out of specification. “ Here there is no way, go more people, there will be a road & throughout; 。 In fact, the real gold MEDALS is not size specifications. But, you don't object of awards at the same time, it should be made according to different size, for example, you are sent to collective unit, it will be bigger than to the size of the individual. Nature of the 4 units, government agencies or custom MEDALS, first determine what sector: government agencies, institutions, foreign companies, certification center, news agencies, public institutions, education departments, trade associations, media, military organizations and so on. Like you, it is the government organs, the image represents the government at a higher level, will be reflected on the authority, grave. The actual production of concrete, must grasp the general direction. 5, and determine the medal award named after confirmed production purposes and objects, name and then how to name the MEDALS. Here can adjust measures to local conditions according to the reality, be sure to distinguish the winning object, industry characteristics, to distinguish between the collective and individual, what awards. Such as: the first prize, second prize, third prize, excellence award, and so on. 6, the positioning of MEDALS class class position, is a comprehensive system of plan as a whole. Involve the issue of funding, the recognition activity influence, issued by the authority of MEDALS, appeal, etc. Business is an old saying, you get what you pay for. Imagine you want good things, also don't want to spend money, there is no such thing. Also good MEDALS, high-grade one medal, no matter from style design, production process, or in the production process, are brought together a lot of energy, not simply a bronze, that is to say, good product and price is proportional to the forever. At the same time, if you are a very important awards ceremony, not may be issued by a schoolboy paper miyoshi students type certificate? Are you awarded MEDALS on behalf of you the authority influence of the unit, etc. Custom MEDALS is a very strict thing, it involve every aspect of design with the organizers must reflect the idea, just like badges made, there are many specification requirements, need to be taken seriously. Crossbow, arts and crafts, 33 years, focus on all kinds of custom MEDALS, your call is our power! 86 - 579 - 85596776
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