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- 'the trophy design' Please enjoy my work

by:Noble Awards     2020-09-09
 a trophy design needs to be on behalf of the industry characteristics with trophies recognition in terms of modelling the honor sometimes like doing a sculpture & middot; · Today collection cup on a lot of high quality design with simple geometry modelling has inspired by text, material inspired trophy material generally can be divided into four categories: 1, metals ( Commonly used copper, zinc alloy die casting or forging forming, surface plating and polishing. Overall sedate and easy) ; 2, crystal class ( Artificial crystal is given priority to, half machine and hand polished, glittering and translucent get rid of whole, different light Angle can reflect the different effect) ; 3, dewaxing coloured glaze material trophy ( Lead artificial crystal containing 24% of the original raw material, high refractive index, permeability is strong) ; 4, composite ( A variety of material together: such as resin, plastic mould cast surface plating with metallic effect. Also useful metal, stone, wood, synthetic) 。 Cup of either a material, the value of design decision trophy, trophies, originality design came out only worthy of the honor, deserves it. Please appreciate my personal work below:
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