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The xi 'an city wall marathon medal this year, do you like it?

by:Noble Awards     2020-11-19
Beijing mark for the first time last year, xi 'an city wall marathon operations impress running friends, especially the symbol of the zhou dynasty dragon grain MEDALS to run the friends are good. The walls of the marathon this year and will have what kind of surprise? Small make up just find out some news, and stayed to slowly. First of all, is the symbol of the qin dynasty. The above image on the obverse, look at the reverse. Didn't see enough? Change the position to see see! Then, the connotation of the MEDALS exactly have what meaning? And look at the designer's official explanation & ndash; — 2017 xian city wall international marathon theme & other; Through time and space, and when the walls & throughout; In order to & other; Throughout the &; Word last race culture, opens the qin dynasty of 13 in a new chapter. This event a medal in the qin dynasty also elements as design concept, the obverse subject for the seal character & other; Qin & throughout; Word, font into weapons in the design, on the reverse is qin shihuang terracotta warriors armor, to keep on the back of the front, the attack, highlights the characteristics of the qin people warrior. Qin totem ( Qin word origin: fenice s eggs, both hands to worship, the movie) And sword, and the combination of elements, armor and other weapons, showing the qin dynasty history origin and unify the powerful empire, carrying ten dynasties ancient capital xi 'an history. At the same time, according to the different project medal are divided into different color, and the game time and finish mileage carved in the back. Medal is given priority to with Chinese red and black, red and black color for the qin dynasty dress special color, and printed with this event's official logo and name. Full of MEDALS in the elements of the qin dynasty not only for this event theme of echo, is also to the continuation of the western zhou dynasty medal last year, more collection value. For their participants, finished a medal is for their best certainly, is also a witness its unremitting efforts. Marathon medal customization options crossbows, professional for customers to rest assured!
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