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Three kinds of organic glass polishing method characteristic analysis

by:Noble Awards     2020-05-24
Polishing is one of a process with the organic glass processing, organic glass, after cutting surface is rough, transparency will become worse, at this moment need to polishing smooth of acrylic products, to restore its original gloss and transparency. Polishing process is divided into three kinds: polishing, diamond polishing cloth round of polishing, flame, different products have different requirements for polishing effect, the choice of the polishing process is different also, the Noble allow acrylic products for everyone to introduce how to choose the polishing process. 1, organic glass flame polishing: this kind of polishing process effect is poorer, its principle is to use alcohol as the fuel of the flame burning rough surface, so as to reach the polishing effect. Suit to request is not high, more cheap products, acrylic factory processing costs are less. Advantage is faster, more save time. 2, organic glass cloth round of polishing, polishing effect is much better than the flame polishing, advantage is that can not only polishing plane, also can polishing irregular yakeli reveal frame, the disadvantage is that is a manual operation, a polishing is not a lot, slow speed, low efficiency. Suitable for demanding products such as acrylic products, sometimes with diamond polishing, in order to achieve the best effect. 3, organic glass diamond polishing: professional semi-automatic polishing equipment, the advantage is with high efficiency, especially the yakeli the surface polishing straight, the disadvantage is that only polishing plane and inclined plane, not polished surface. With strength of plexiglass acrylic processing factory is equipped with a. Like acrylic exhibition stand, organic glass display rack and so on basic use diamond polishing machine to polish. Noble allow as the strength of the professional manufacturers, with the flame polishing machine several machines, cloth round of polishing machinist 7 plus automatic one, four diamond polishing machines. We make acrylic products high transparency, smooth level off, can meet various requirements. Are interested welcome consulting service hotline: 4008 - 959 - 252
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