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Trophy harvester - Dani alves show no signs of giving up trophies

by:Noble Awards     2020-09-01
Belo horizonte ( Brazil) ( AFP) - 36, Brazil captain Danny alves, if he wants to hang up his boots, appreciate his trophy cabinet can be forgiven. Instead, alves is preparing the maracana stadium in Rio DE janeiro on Sunday in the final of the copa America, Brazil against Peru play a key role, and the defender and showed no sign of any slack. Alves said: & other; I know how old I am, I know what that means in a football game, but I know people want to be a result. ” He left Paris st germain last month, there is no club announced. “ I focus on this, I don't pay attention to my age, also don't care about people think of me. “ I come here not to let anyone shut up, I'm just in order to finish my work. ” In fact, his trophy cabinet has a copa America title, according to some, the number of trophies he has more than his age. He won the champions league three times, twice won the uefa cup, winning the club World Cup three times, four times to win the European super cup & ndash; — This is just the continent level of the club. 6 la liga crown with Barcelona, 2 ligue 1 champions and Paris st germain, 1 scudetto with Juventus, not to mention Spain, France and Italy have eight domestic cup. In Brazil, he won the 2007 copa America and two uefa cup. 2 - on Tuesday 0 within 20 minutes after the semi-final victory over Argentina, whatever he may be satisfied with his victory suggestion were eliminated, at the time he left the game with three Argentine players, for roberto & middot; Phil mino creates an opportunity for gabriel & middot; Jesus in bello score. Alves technology is a wonderful thing, he seized a falling ball, cut over marcus acuna head, sent a sliding leandro cut the wrong way, and then leave nikolai stark leah fico chasing shadows, without looking at to phil mino passes. - - - - - - Victory at all costs - Since then, Brazil sitting on the position of the compartment, they won the victory, and occupies a place in the final, after the Manchester city striker resolutely fight back, phil mino from Jesus passing score. Lead to this goal is alves wholeheartedly committed to the cause of another example. Off the ball, in the case of the referee can't see, alves in the area over the sergio & middot; Aguero. Aguero didn't take part in the game, but alves without risk. This is illegal, it was a foul, should lead to a penalty, but alves to he won the game at all costs, it has long been to let him in a favorable position. Argentina coach Lionel & middot; Scaroni complained after the final whistle, the result of the game for his team is unfair, say they & other; Superior & throughout; 。 But without this kind of light blue and white glasses, there is no doubt that the owner is a better side, alves is outstanding performers & ndash; — Considering how Jesus behaved well, it was not a remarkable feat, nor Lionel & middot; Messi showed his unparalleled advantages. Whether Brazil on Sunday, winning alves has been a lot of people as one of the most successful player in history. Uefa to arrange him on a European player to win major trophies, 29, the top of the list, Lionel messi in fourth place only at the age of 26. In a separate list, considering the national team to win trophies and omission of domestic super cup, uefa list alves to 39 trophy at the top of the list. “ In my wildest dreams, I never thought to reach the place where I have, & throughout; Alves in an interview with fox sports a couple of months ago. “ I come from poor, many people from around the world experience of reality. “ When I left home at the age of 15, my goal is not to win a lot of things, but to go home, my parents proud of me. ” After from sevilla to Barcelona, Juventus and Paris saint-germain career, as well as the national team after 114 appearances, alves is now hoping to bring inspiration for others from similar background. He told fox, & other; My goal is to inspire young people, these little dreamer to try, never give up. ”
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